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2005 Vintages

the vintage returned, the grape juices finished fermenting, the macerations are sufficient, the vintages are past and settings out of barrels or tanks closed to be high. Already November is announced, the sheets of the vines are multicoloured, the rains of these last weeks and the very soft temperature of this end of October, do not see an unspecified climatic reheating there, it is frequent in our areas, allowed seeds to germinate and the ground of the vines is covered with a beautiful green grass. There are not bad grasses when the ground manages itself its cover. It is only the hand of the man who generates disturbances in natural work. A light wind, a little more "frisquet" made fly away our beautiful yellow or russet-red sheets, In a few times my landscape familiar will lose its ornament, just the time of a little vague A the heart, the song of Barbara "Said, when you return" or more traditional "long sobs etc". The peasant does not let himself tenderize by what nature brings to him tous.les.jours, because it knows well that it is strongest, that vis-a-vis eternity, the man is nothing, the combat which carries out this thaïlandais by sowing rice necessary to the subsistence of its family is the same one as this vine grower who fights to work out a true product of soil likely to find customers which will buy it to him, it will be able to thus make live his family, and whom for an unspecified reason (earthquake, cyclone, or storm of hail) their harvest is destroyed. The same causes will produce the same effects and it is nature for an unspecified reason ("reflexion "and if all were given in advance"/reflexion"), which will make happy or unhappy this man completely depend on the ecosystem on which it is closely dependent. This peasant, like the poacher, can by atavism preserve a certain biological balance of the ground to which it tears off his subsistence, as the poacher it can preserve what will allow him with him and with its descent to take the share which returns to him thanks to its work. I am not on the farmer of tomorrow "cultivates" the same values? Even, as do not go not failed to think some, there is no question of returning at the age of the stone: a logic more reasoned of taking away to avoid exhausting the grounds would be of good quality. What will remain it work that all one each one claims to bequeath to the posterity, in hundred years... Nothing. Eternity I tell you !!!!!!!!!

Written byAndré Moulière -  Tuesday November 01, 2005 à 19:44
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